Sunday, January 30, 2005

degrees of separation

i never ceased to be amazed in regards to the remarkable people that live here in the bay area and the ability to meet these folks with relative ease. i spent the morning brainstorming with founders of various companies to brainstorm new ideas and opporunities and i would say that the intellectual workout was the equivalent of a half-marathon. one interesting topic was the area of VoIP...which for me is not an area that i have spent a great deal of research on. a colleague had set up for <$1000 a network for 10 of his family/friends a p2p network for free calling all without skype or some other potential spyware application. interesting opportunities....

last night, i met the inventor of a product called 'lab nav' which has sold 43k units to address the challenges of dark bathroom visits via infrared technology. this guy poured the mold for all of this bedroom. very cool.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


recently a friend was pontificating that once user adoption surpassed 50%, that this critical mass would cause a tipping point to be reached in regards to online applications and experiences. pointing to korea which has surpassed this number, the avg web page is 3mb to the 350k common to most u.s. site. what does this mean? perhaps a 3-d browser is in our sights...perhaps our notion of placing 2-d content online...will change.

came across an interesting company ( am still hoping that someone evaluates the positive effects of electro magnetic fields...that would make me feel better with the 3000 min of amonth of recurring cell phone usage my brain endures.

hhhmmm....magnetic fields....

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

modeling human behavior

the mechanism by which insecurity prevents people from reaching their full capacity in work or in relationships is truly astounding. whether it be an insecure engineer who will not admit that someone else may be correct in their code or architecture to the ceo will not empower others to do their job, this plague has taken down so many companies' potential. while i would argue that most successful people are driven by ego (some exhibit it more than others), it is the element of hidden low self-confidence that corrupts decision making and results in a lower emotional iq. as an overly aggressive type-a person, i find this vulnerability a weakeness that at times i cannot help but exploit....and i realize the danger in doing so. perhaps we just all need to be in a drug-induced state to get along better. perhaps this world we call reality needs to be altered....back to the world of a monkey.

Monday, January 24, 2005


let the wandering begin...across math...across science...across tech....across people